December 2020

An audiobook playing for relaxation during free time

Best Audiobooks Of All Time

    Long drives, morning walks, workouts, or relaxing.  A great audiobook can boost your mood and help you unwind. If you love books and don’t have space in your bag and the time to open one, consider listening to an audiobook. Audiobooks can be downloaded right to your phone so you can bring it with you anytime and anywhere! Here’s a list of all-time best audiobooks we recommend to listen to:… Read More »Best Audiobooks Of All Time

    Customer Service Tips and Tricks

    Customer Service Tips/Tricks

      Your customers will forget the things you do or say, but they won’t forget how you make them feel.  If you are not focused 100% on creating an environment that makes those experiences with your company memorable then you are losing out.  We put together these top 10 tips that everyone can use to create better experiences in your life and business.   1. Practice Empathy, Patience, and Consistency. Extend your… Read More »Customer Service Tips/Tricks

      A professional delivery man out for delivery adapting in the coronavirus pandemic in his mask

      Doing Business During Coronavirus

        When the Coronavirus spread rapidly, it brought fear to the world which resulted in governments taking precautionary measures by implementing lockdowns, country-wide quarantines, travel restrictions, and social distancing, thus, businesses experiencing downfalls in the previous months. However, some businesses are pushing through and adapting creatively to this pandemic. As an entrepreneur, are you viewing this as a challenge to cease or as an opportunity to be marketable? Here are some… Read More »Doing Business During Coronavirus