Top 5 Time Saving Tips For 2021

    Hourglass serving as a time tracker in saving time effectively

    Where does the time go? Each day you get 86,400 seconds to use or lose.

    While there is no way to increase the amount of time you have in a day, there are tricks to save time which will make it feel like you gained an extra hour or two.

    Check out these 5 things you can do to save time and be more productive.

    1. Track Your Time

    Do you know how you spend your time? If you track your time, you might be surprised to find out how much time you spend on certain activities. For example, the average person spends 58 minutes per day on Facebook. 

    Even if social media isn’t your time thief, you might be surprised to discover what you are spending your time on. To make it easy, check out one of the many time tracking apps that are available. 

    2. Dedicate Distraction-Free Time

    Distractions eat up a significant amount of time. Answering emails, checking your phone, or even just letting your mind wander can seriously cut into your productivity. Furthermore, after you’ve been distracted, you waste even more time trying to refocus on what you were doing.

    To combat this, try scheduling distraction-free segments of your day. Block out an hour or two, put your phone in airplane mode, set your computer to block distraction, and dedicate yourself to your most difficult tasks.

    3. Don’t Multitask

    For the same reason that distractions eat up time by taking away your focus, so does multitasking. In fact, even though you might think you’re being more productive by doing multiple things at once, multitasking actually cuts your productivity by about 40%

    4. Cut Down on Interruptions

    Did you know that managers spend approximately 3 hours per day dealing with interruptions? As with distractions, time after an interruption is wasted because you now have to refocus on the task at hand. 

    In addition to setting up dedicated distraction-free time segments, you may want to set open-door hours. These are times when employees can come with questions or concerns all at once to avoid random interruptions. 

    5. Delegate

    Finally, are you one of those people who try to do everything yourself? Did you know that business owners end up wasting about a third of their week on low-value activities? 

    If you are a business owner or in a leadership role, learn to trust your team. Lean on the strengths of your team members and delegate some of your tasks to those who might do an even better job than you. And definitely let someone else handle the small stuff. 

    Ready to Save Time?

    Time is your most precious resource. Don’t waste it on distractions, interruptions, or low-value activities that would be better passed off to someone else. 

    When you can be fully present for your company and make the best use of your time at work, you’ll be more productive and watch your business flourish. 

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