Customer Service Tips/Tricks

    Customer Service Tips and Tricks

    Your customers will forget the things you do or say, but they won’t forget how you make them feel.  If you are not focused 100% on creating an environment that makes those experiences with your company memorable then you are losing out.  We put together these top 10 tips that everyone can use to create better experiences in your life and business.  

    1. Practice Empathy, Patience, and Consistency. Extend your level of understanding and patience with your customers. They’re humans and they get to have bad days too. Always remember to be professional in handling them and their moods.

    2. Communicate clearly. Be direct to the point if necessary. Be precise and clear when answering their questions because customers need their issues to be resolved as soon as possible. Stay positive at all times and don’t end the conversation without confirming that they’re satisfied.

    3. Active listening. Practice active listening. Your customer needs to feel that they’re heard and understood. Ask clarifying questions to the customers if what you’re saying makes sense to them and finish the conversation with a quick summary to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

    4. Admit your mistakes and shortcomings. No one is perfect especially when you’re in the middle of a busy schedule. When you mess up, it’s important that you acknowledge the mistake as soon as you realize it’s been made.  Do not let your customer be the one to bring it to your attention. Being honest builds up trust in your service. 

    5. Follow-up on solved problems. Follow-up with your customer if an issue has been resolved properly and that they’re satisfied with the service. Give them a call, an email, or you can ask them to fill-up a feedback survey.

    6. Create a community. One way for a customer to feel that they can reach you anytime is by building a community for your very business. Bring customers together so they can share their mutual opinions with your service, and it’ll be easier to interact with them through the community.

    7. Keep your customer service team happy. As you’re maintaining great customer service, you also need to ask the people behind your success how they feel about working and their needs. Track their performances and acknowledge their hard work. 

    8. Use positive language. Using positive language with  the right tone creates the perfect customer service environment.  We can not emphasize that your tone is just as important as the language you use. Instead of telling them that the product isn’t available until next month, using positive language, you can say, that “The product will be available next month. I can put in an order for you and have your product as soon as it’s available.”

    9. Close conversations correctly. End conversations properly by ensuring that all issues are solved, and if not, that you’re willing to keep the call until you resolve their problems. This will leave them an impression that you care about getting things right.

    10. Use customer service templates. To save your time, create a high standard template in responding to customers. Collect some of their FAQs in a Google Doc and save them as templates to respond to future inquiries with the same common questions.

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