Doing Business During Coronavirus

    A professional delivery man out for delivery adapting in the coronavirus pandemic in his mask

    When the Coronavirus spread rapidly, it brought fear to the world which resulted in governments taking precautionary measures by implementing lockdowns, country-wide quarantines, travel restrictions, and social distancing, thus, businesses experiencing downfalls in the previous months. However, some businesses are pushing through and adapting creatively to this pandemic.

    As an entrepreneur, are you viewing this as a challenge to cease or as an opportunity to be marketable?

    Here are some helpful tips if you’re planning on starting a business or already have a business during the coronavirus outbreak.

    1. Sell online

    Since people are staying at home avoiding going outside with the risk of the virus, as a business owner, you would want to bring your business online so customers can still shop with you or avail of your services in the comfort of their homes.

    2. Enable delivery for your business

    Offer delivery with your service. It saves customers everything; it saves them their time, clothes, effort, and even from acquiring the virus. They will always choose delivery over pick-up anytime.

    3. Level up your social media game

    Not only do you use social media for selling, but for educating the audience about some relevant tips and the pandemic.

    4. Run campaigns and promotions

    Increase sales, and build your brand awareness by running campaigns and promotions. This will help attract customers and will let them see the best options in what you offer for your business.

    5. Offer contactless payments

    Payments can be made through online transactions to avoid bacterias that stick to banknotes. You can also gain vouchers, discounts, rebates, and rewards with other types of e-payments.

    I hope these tips will help you start your business or improve your existing one! Please let us know if you have more tips we can add with entrepreneurs out there. 

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