Garment Care Tips & Tricks

    Woman folding garments the right way

    Are you washing your clothes correctly? If you aren’t, you could damage your items or even ruin them permanently.

    A garment label usually has all the information necessary to understand how to wash a certain piece of clothing. However, it isn’t always written out in words. To save space, symbols are used instead, but if you don’t know what they mean, you could be in trouble.

    Check out how to read garment care labels and when to use laundry products such as detergent and fabric softener.

    How to Read Garment Care Labels

    First, what do those funny little symbols on your shirt label mean?

    How to Wash

    The main symbol you might see looks like a three-sided container with water in it. This symbol means the item can be washed in the washing machine.

    If the symbol has been modified with a line underneath, you should use the permanent press cycle. If there are two lines, choose the delicate cycle. Furthermore, if the container holds one dot, wash the garment in cold water. Two dots mean warm water, three dots mean hot, and the number 30 pinpoints an exact temperature of 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

    If a hand appears in the container, the item should be washed by hand.

    Finally, a big X through the container means do NOT wash at all. Instead, the garment needs to be dry-cleaned.

    Can You Bleach?

    A triangle indicates that you can use bleach on the item. A triangle with two diagonal lines warns you to use only non-chlorinated bleach or you may remove dyes from the garment.

    A big X through the triangle means do NOT bleach at all. Look for a different method of stain removal.

    How to Dry

    A square with a circle in it (kind of looks like a machine dryer) means you can tumble dry it. One dot in the circle indicates to use a low temperature, two dots means medium, and three dots means high.

    A big X through the symbol means do NOT dry in a machine.

    Detergent vs Soap

    Are laundry soap and detergent the same thing? Nope! Plus, using the wrong one can damage your items.

    Soap is soap and can be used with all fabrics. Detergents, however, contain enzymes that heighten the cleansing power of the product. These enzymes cannot be used on certain fabrics like wool and silk.

    Fabric Softener vs Dryer Sheets 

    Fabric softener and dryer sheets are basically the same thing. Both are designed to:

    • reduce static
    • soften the fibers and make the fabric feel smooth
    • decrease drying time
    • make the fabric easier to iron
    • add a fresh scent.

    Dryer sheets are simply a non-woven material that is coated in fabric softener. Liquid softener, being more concentrated, tends to be more effective but both can be used.

    Level Up Your Laundry Prowess

    Now when you see those squiggly symbols on your garment and shirt labels, you know what they mean for basic garment care.

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