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What's this all about?

We are a contactless on demand laundry service.  We help folks spend less time on laundry and more time with those who

You get to help make that happen while making great money!
We have everything you need to get started.  Training material,
supply resources, and best of all you can do it from home!
Minimize your exposure to Covid 19.

Why laundryod?

Laundry On Demand was designed with you in mind.  You get to make money on your schedule, 100% contactless, and you spend most of the time in your own home (or laundromat).  We even provide you with the supplies!  




Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Customers request laundry service through the customer app. 

You get a notification if you are within range of the customer and checked in on the app.

You accept the order

Knock out the laundry

Get paid

How Much Money Can I Make?

You can make as much money as you want.  Here is a breakdown of a couple of scenarios.

Scenario 1

You are excited and ready to make some money.  You knock out three orders and did a great job.  Your customers are thrilled.  Here is the math….

You averaged 2 large bags per order ($270).  You also received tips because you are awesome $5/order for an additional $15.  Now the costs.  We estimate your overhead (gas, maintenance, water costs, detergent, softener) to be $3.85 per order. The LOD commission is 20% of the bag revenue($54.00). So, your net profit on this day is $219.45

Scenario 2

You want to make a little extra cash, but aren’t interested in making it your entire day.  You pick up one order for a large bag and small bag.  You get it knocked out in a couple of hours while watching the newest Netflix drop.   Here is the math….

One large bag and one small bag ($75).  You also received a tip because you are awesome for $5.  Now the costs.  We estimate your overhead (gas, maintenance, water costs, detergent, softener, payment processing) to be $3.85 per order. The LOD commission is 20% of the bag revenue ($15.00). So, your net profit on this day is $60.15

How Do I Get Paid?

We use Stripe to process customer payments and partner transfers. Your money gets automatically transferred to the account you set up on a daily basis as those transactions are processed. It usually takes a couple of days for the transfer to process.

I Downloaded The App and It Says I’m Not Approved. Why?

There are two important things you need to do to get approved in the app. Complete the background check and order supplies. Check your initial email for supply ordering instructions.

Do I have to buy supplies?

Yes, but not all of them. You supply detergent, softener, etc. and we will provide you with the Reusable bags, plastic bags, bag tags, and LOD stickers after your first order.  Your first order you pay for, but we will reimburse you after you complete 5 orders. 

Do You Offer Training?

Of course! We have a training page dedicated to you and a private Facebook group set up to help you succeed.

What Other Support Do You Offer?

If you need anything please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email and we will get back to you in 24 hours or less. support@laundryod.com

Why Is This Better Than Any of The Other Gigs like Uber/Lyft/Door Dash?

Great question! Those other platforms are great, but…….they don’t offer a 100% contactless experience, you aren’t driving around all over the place burning fuel and putting miles on your car, and you have to be “On” all the time. With the Laundry On Demand platform the majority of your time is spent waiting for laundry to be done. So, while your waiting you can be catching up on Netflix, playing with your kids, taking a class or anything else your heart desires. You can also make a tremendous amount of money!