A Message From The CEO

    We are SO excited you are considering becoming a Laundry On Demand Partner!
    You might have some questions about this opportunity, so here are some highlights. It covers who we are, what we do, how you fit in, how much money you can make, and how much it costs to get started. We can’t wait to see if you are the perfect fit!

    Who is Laundry On Demand?
    We are a veteran owned and operated company with a mission to kick laundry’s rear and have fun doing it. We have a ton of experience as technology developers and laundry professionals which makes us uniquely qualified to take this industry to the next level. Integrity is the most important thing to us, so our partners and customers can rest assured that every decision we make is done with your best interest in mind.

    What We Do
    We pick up, process, and return peoples laundry, so they don’t have to fight the laundry monster anymore. The customer submits a request online, we push that request out to our partners, our partners sort, wash, fold and return that day or the next.

    How You Fit In
    One of the things we wanted to do was create a way for stay at home parents, night owls or anyone with a washer and dryer to make some extra money. Most of the time spent on laundry is waiting any way. So, you can be making $60 bucks while binge watching The Office. How great is that?

    How much money can I make?
    Realistically, you should be able to make $500/week if you process 3 regular sized bags per day 5 days a week. It may be less or more depending on many factors. Its up to you. The big thing here, is all you have to do is be available. We do all the selling for you!

    How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?

    That depends. We have a starter pack which includes everything you need to get started available for $225. This is our cost for supplies. This package is available to you for your convenience. You are more than welcome to order the supplies from whatever vendor you choose (excluding branded items). The supply list will be available soon in the supply closet.

    We know how tough it is to find the time to do all those things that are important.  We hope by using the best Laundry Service in DFW that you will have a few more hours to spend on those things that matter.

    Interested?  Complete our new partner question survey now to get started.

    James Chandler
    Laundry On Demand

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