Partner Interview

It all starts here.  Complete this short questionnaire to see if you have what it takes.

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We are currently operating only in the DFW metroplex.  Do you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area?

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Laundry On Demand is the Uber of Laundry. Your role will be to pick up, wash, dry, fold and deliver back clients laundry.  Is that the kind of role you are interested in?

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What days are you available to knock out laundry?

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We have committed to getting clients their laundry back the same day if we pick up before noon and next day if picked up after noon. Are you able to do that?

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Do you have a smoke and pet free way to pick up and deliver laundry?

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Do you have a smoke and pet free place to do laundry?

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Laundry On Demand will provide you with plastic bags for finished laundry, stickers for closing the bags, reusable bags for new customers, and bag tags. However, for the first order you will be required to buy your starter supplies ($25+ shipping).  We will reimburse you for that order minus shipping after you successfully complete 5 orders.  Are you willing/able to do that?

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We require you to complete a background check to use the platform. Are you willing/able to submit your information for the background check?

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By using our platform you are considered an independent contractor. You are not an employee of Laundry On Demand or JL Chandler Enterprises, LLC.  Do you agree and understand?

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Do you have any questions? If so, please submit them here.

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If you have gotten this far, it looks like you will be a good fit! On the next page will be a  link to the supply order page.  We are SO excited!  Ready to move forward?